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“Used your eye mask for the first time today and all I can say is WOW! The thought put into the design is wonderful. It fits the horse so well and makes our job easier. The padding is in all the right places and the holder at the top for the lavage tube is great!”

Erica Lacher DVM

“Having a Paint with a pink muzzle, we had already been through one skin cancer removal – Cody hated having sunblock and zinc applied everyday (and in the South, it is a long, hot summer!). I purchased the halter free nose shade years ago – it is amazing! Cody comes over and practically puts it on himself 🙂 It is not hot, it never is off out in the field, it flares out enough to protect him and not interfere with eating or drinking. The cost was minimal for the years it has lasted! Just buying my second one as well as one for a friend!! And no worries of skin cancer since!!! Thank you, Nag Horse Ranch!!”

Tricia Leslie

“My cob suffers from sunburn on her nose. She won’t allow me to apply suncream. Having tried products available here in the UK (which caused chaffing and rubbing) I took to the internet and came across Nag Horse Ranch. Sue was extremely helpful and friendly. I’ve bought two of her nose guards. They wear very well and the design is perfect in that my pony is more than happy to wear it and it stays on with no chaffing or rubbing! I would highly recommend these nose guards to anyone who has a pink nosed horse.”

Christiane Mcalpine - United Kingdom

“We here at Barrow Vets have 2 complete eye cup/mask systems. We love them! We’ve had patients who definitely benefit, and it’s nice to be able to loan them out as part of a comprehensive eye treatment plan for ulcers, uveitis, or injury. Just thought you’d like to know. Sincerely,”

Valerie Walthart

Practice Manager, Barrow Veterinary Service

“Living in Florida means we battle sun and heat all year long. Our mare has a very nice pink nose that burns easily. I have tried everything to keep her from burning. Sunscreens, diaper creams, and long nosed fly masks have been the only tools available to work with. However the fly mask doesn’t block enough UV, makes her sweat excessively and thus renders the sunscreen useless. She has also had some adverse reactions to some of the sunscreens. My search for an alternative has been exhaustive. After a week with the Nag Nose Shade I already see huge improvement! It is not restrictive or hot. It also is not rubbing her face the way the fly mask did. I am not having to keep applying lotions and creams either. If you have a pink nosed horse do yourself and your horse a huge favor and try this new product. I love it! Sassy’s mom,”

Linda Minnix - Lady Lake, FL.

“Sue, I could not go any longer without telling you how wonderful your eye saver cup system is for any horse needing that extra special care for their eye. I have had this mask for over a year, not only has it held being on my mare it has greatly improved the care of her eye. I have had to have her eye drained 3-4 times/year due to an injury to her lid prior to my adopting her. With this mask on her this past year I have had to have it drained only one time. Truly amazing for me and my mare. My Vet loves it very much and has recommended to others in my area. I am so thankful I found your site on line. Dealing with you is always a pleasure. One more than satisified customer,”

Karen McGarrah

“Hi Sue,I went to visit my horse Midas yesterday at his holiday paddock in 40 degree heat (104 degree Fahrenheit!) and have sent you a few pictures. We’ve always had issues with sunburn on his pink nose (and all horses WILL stand directly in the sun sweating away,even though they have the option of shade!). Fly veils are problematic in these sort of temperatures as he sweats profusely under them, then usually itches them off (and hides them somewhere in the paddock ). I’ve tried all sorts of nose flaps for him,but the issues were always the same : None of the nose flaps were long enough,they end up clinging to his nose after he’s finished drinking which obstructed his breathing, so he would stand and snort them off ,turning them into something that resembled a permanently used tissue, which in turn attracted swarms of flies! The cloth nose flaps don’t attach to my field-safe halter either, so I would have to find ways of sewing them on-which in turn made washing difficult. The nag nose shades are a real find for me! Not only do they withstand the roughest treatment (see attached pictures),they also don’t seem to irritate him AT ALL. Because the flap is shaped OFF the nose he has no problems eating and drinking and he no longer feels the need to constantly blow his nose in it! As the fabric goes right around the muzzle there is no chance of sunburn (even for the pink areas around his bottom lip!).Also,the quality and workmanship of the product was a real surprise! The fabric,velcro and stitching are seriously heavy duty. I can’t thank you enough for putting so much thought and work into the humble “nose flap”. Cheers, Kim-New Zealand

Kim Evans

“Hi, I have recently purchased your sun protection nose shade for my mare, I felt the need to provide you with the feedback on your product. My mare used to run away from me when i was trying to put on her previous nose shade, she would rub on everything until she ripped it or turned it upwards on her face making putting it on her in the first place redundant. I am surprised and elated to say that after one week of wearing her new nose shade made by your kind self, she no longer runs’ away, rubs or even bothers about the shade. AMAZING job, it has been difficult to take care of her by putting protective gear on her and not to feel bad about it (she clearly hated the hell out of her old one), now I am able to protect her and feel good about it too. Thank you so much. I will be recommending you to EVERYONE that I meet, Regards”

Heidi Thomas

“Sue, I ordered one of these for my gelding and so far….I love it! I was worried his pasture buddies would tear it off him and so far, it’s stayed on and NO sunburn! I’ve been recommending it!!! I’ve tried everything to keep him from burning as his nose is so pink and our high altitude causes him to crack and bleed on his nostrils. You can’t keep enough sunscreen on him; as you can see, he has a VERY pink nose! Thank you for a great solution to the sunburn problem!

The durability and strength of the materials is superb! Honestly, I am impressed he hasn’t gotten it off…it’s so bad I used to have to duct tape his fly masks onto his leather halter!! Thank you!”

Sarah Schiffman and "Bizmo" - Wellington, CO

“Hello there! I had asked about your eye mask with ears and my concern that my “kid” 4 yr old would pull the mask off my moon blind horse. You reassured me and I bought the mask. Well, it’s been great. I love it! I’ve been using a Guardian mask, which has been wonderful, but lacks ear protection and tends to be hot in our Texas summers. Your mask is perfect for my needs! I’ll be ordering 2 more for my other horses as well. This mask is durable, lightweight and BOY does it stay put! I love the way you have the velcro set up on it. It also washes up very well.Thanks for making such a great product.

Susan Conner

Project Manager , October Skies