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High Brow Full Face Shade with Ears


Our high brow shade allows comfort around the horses eyes, it has a rigid boning that holds the material away from the head and eyes. All of our shades are 90% UV proof. Horses can roll and it will keep it’s shape. Our High brow keeps the mask distance from the eyes and will not bend in. All of our materials are 90% UV proof. Shades double as fly mask and prove to be not only comfortable for your horse but durable and effective. We have the option for a forelock hole. Simply the best fly mask on the market with quality materials and the strongest UV protection.As always contact nag horse ranch for more details or questions. Sky blue is discontinued by the manufacture however we have them in stock, if you order one that is not in stock we will substitute beige for your color, unless you put in notes your other color option, ocean blue. New screen ear option is a lighter screen material for ears instead of the soft fabric. Thank you!

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