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Eye Saver Cup System


Our new Eye saver cup system is interchangeable to use on either eye, or even both if need be. You can now have one hood to treat the right or the left eye easily and with added comfort! Easy to wash just take the cup off and wash in the machine.

Our system has heavy duty Velcro that is double latched so it will not come off without your taking it off. Both sides will hold either the eye protector cup or the Velcro closing tabs to keep it clean and out of the way. The system comes with two snap on drainage pads for the treated eye and one snap on pad for the “good” side to simply cover the snaps. Take it apart and switch sides for treating the opposite eye! Elastic adjustable straps under jaw, Velcro straps to attach to a halter and padding under the poll for medication tubing. Now you can have a hood to treat whichever eye you need it for. Now available in 5 sizes! Four cup options including a UV proof screen cup for the un-treated eye, that can be added by ordering a replacement or extra cup. We also have an option for the black cup to have holes drilled in it for you. We drill multiple holes around the perimeter and center about 3/8’s of an inch with a little larger hole at center.

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