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Nag Horse Ranch

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e currently have several sun protection styles, attach to a halter,  halter free, full face, eye protection shade, trail rider nose shade, full face trail rider, attach to bridle eye shade and a Sun visor!

Our full face shades covers the full face with the same quality materials doing more than your ordinary fly mask by adding UV protection, available in the regular nose shade style or the trail rider style.


Our NEW trail rider style is designed to provide a dome around the muzzle enclosing the muzzle and mouth enough to ward off insects, without interfering with the bridle or bit.

Our eye shade is for horses who only need the eye protection.  Horses who suffer from Uveitis or other eye disease's, horses with pale skin around their eyes or eye sensitivity need protection for their eyes, we offer great durability, and great UV protection.

Our horse sun protection line is growing, we are accommodating customers request and have a wide variety to choose from, meeting a wide range of horse owners needs.  We always welcome suggestions or request and strive hard to provide a solution for the horse owners needs.

Our shades are easily washable you may hose them off and they do dry fast.  They are also machine washable.

Shades are highly recommended by Veterinarians.

Our screen mesh material is the strongest available, resist fraying or tearing, holds its shape, does not rest on the horse face, is durable, rot and mildew resistant, virtually indestructible.

Our nylon webbing is heavy duty and also UV proof, with rot and mildew resistance.


Our shades are hand made in America.


We know they may look different but are happy they solve problems!  Nothing on the market compares to our quality and design to completely relieve the horse from sunburn or sun damage.

We are proud of our fast growing horse product line.

Please keep checking back for new items.


Happy Trails!





Full Face Shade

Our Full Face Shade!  Quality protection for the eyes and nose in one!  Still comfortable, still stays on great

Attach to halter style shade 










Full face shade with sheepskin.




Attach to halter shade
Full Face shade with sheepskin