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The nag nose shades are a real find for me! Not only do they withstand the roughest treatment (see attached pictures),they also don't seem to irritate him AT ALL. Because the flap is shaped OFF the nose he has no problems eating and drinking and he no longer feels the need to constantly blow his nose in it! As the fabric goes right around the muzzle there is no chance of sunburn (even for the pink areas around his bottom lip!).
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 Facebook quote
"Suzanne where did you get the nose cover from?"
Suzanne Cherry From Sue Gray Nag horse Ranch in the U.S. She is on FB as a friend :) ABSOLUTELY the best ever design. Lambswool padded and allows them freedom to eat and drink. I also have full face ones for when it gets really hot and flies start. NAG HORSE RANCH CHECK THEM OUT ! BETTER THAN ANYTHING ON THE OZ MARKET.
Suzanne Cherry Australia

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Nag™ Horse Ranch

Presents their

Sun Protection Products!

Horses with fair skin who suffer from severe sunburn, blistering, skin cancer, or horses with eye diseases such as Uveitis, Glaucoma, Cataracts, or Cancer around the eyes, SUN protection is critical.  We help horses with headshaking syndrome, and developed a new eye cup system for Veterinarians and horses with eye trauma.

We have a solution for horse owners that is simple, user friendly and replaces the need for messy sunscreens.

Our line of  90% UV proof shades are made with quality materials that are extremely durable and effective for preventing UV damage.

Our nose shades flare away from the horses face allowing adequate ventilation and comfort, while protecting the entire muzzle.  Horses can graze and drink easily.

Full face shades protect all of the face.

Eye protection shades prevent sun damage to sensitive eyes, and around the eyes.  

 Trail riding shades, deters insects along the trails while adding UV protection to the muzzle or full face. 

All of the face shades double as fly mask, eye protection and are available with ears and sheepskin options!

All shades are designed with angles to keep away from the face making the shades safe and comfortable with high quality materials and workmanship in the USA.

Our shades are recommended by Veterinarians for sun protection worldwide and loved by horses who hate having sunscreens applied.

We have a new interchangeable eye cup protection system due to overwhelming request by our local Veterinarians! 



Go to the Merchandise page or click on Store below to order your sun protection.

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   Made in the USA 

We offer a money back guarantee and a safe protected site by Authorize.net to keep all of your information safe. 

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Eye Protection Cup System New High Brow eye shade

NEW Interchangeable Eye                                                  NEW High Brow eye shade

Protection Cup System!




One BEAUTIFUL face the end of a Hot August!

Un damaged muzzle in AUGUST

Sun Visors 90% UV protection

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